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Full Range of Primary Care Services for the Whole Family

High-quality care and aesthetics procedures directly to you in your home, office, or other. We want you to feel like you have a medical provider in the family and can call or text us directly with your needs. This strengthens our connection to each other and ensures you get the best care possible. 

Insurance or no insurance, we have you covered. Ask us about our membership rates if interested in our concierge-style medical care which includes direct access to your provider.

Convenient Healthcare Services

Online consultations

Easy to use telehealth options with end to end encryption for the highest security for your healthcare visits.

In-your-home Visits

We bring health to you, literally. Our experienced providers treat you in the comfort of your home or other location. We put our relationship with you first.

Urgent Appointments

Next or same day appointments available with concierge membership or special request.

Services and Treatments

Routine check-ups

Staying healthy requires more than a doctor’s visit when you get sick. Routine check-ups with an experienced medical provider keeps you healthy. All our providers are experienced in providing high-quality and comprehensive care to you. This is done with the promise to create a trusting, personal relationship with you and your medical provider.

Comprehensive exams

Our providers are able to spend more time with you, plain and simple. This is because we put you at the center of your treatment plan and partner with you to get to your goals. More time means greater detail of examinations performed.

Personal Relationship

A trusting partnership with your medical provider is at the core of success for your health goals. You will feel like you have a medical provider in the family that you can call on when needed which is the way healthcare is supposed to feel. 

Chronic Disease

Chronic disease is a leading cause of morbidity, mortality, and disability. Our providers are experts with the management of chronic disease including but not limited to: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, anxiety, depression, asthma, COPD, or other. Managing chronic disease requires care, planning, and time which our providers offer. 


Management of medications is a comprehensive task. Our providers are able to simplify your medication regime to keep you safe and healthy.


Chronic disease management comes with a lot of national guidelines meant to guide medical care. Our providers are experts at using the best available evidence to treat your chronic disease.

Preventive Care

Being healthy is more than just not being sick. This means plans need to be put in action that keep you healthy proactively rather than reacting to a problem after it has already happened. Traditional medicine models are not built to provide the level of preventative care needed to keep you healthy before you become ill. Our concierge medicine based model of care is built on a personal relationship with you and we want to keep you healthy proactively and not reactively. 

All Ages 

Health is more than a number. No matter the age, we can partner with you to make you the healthiest you have ever been.


Our providers partner with you to create a custom plan based on your needs and lifestyle to keep you healthy.

Acute Illness / Sick Visits

In a time of unprecedented illness across the nation, our providers are always ready to treat any illness that you may get using the best available treatments.


Same or next-day appointments


No waiting rooms and care is brought directly to you when you are feeling your worst

Pediatric Care

Children are a blessing and we have a duty to keep the children of the world healthy and smiling

Routine Check-ups

 We give you more frequent and convenient check-ups for your most prized people in your family. Also, we cater to your needs whether it be a last minute sports physical or telehealth well-check.

Acute illness / sick visits 

Day or night, options are available to you for the care you need.

IV Hydration

Most people are dehydrated, plain and simple. This is especially true for Arizona residents, the very young, and the very old age groups. We offer a full range of IV Hydration needs with vitamin boosts available.


Whether a weekend warrior or professional athlete, we will ensure a full recovery for you and your crew


We will optimize your performance so that you can deliver the best results at home, the gym, on the field, at work, or other area.


In an age of technology and being on the move, we know how important and convenient it is to have telehealth options for you and your family. We are always a simple tap, click, text, or call away from taking care of you. Our telehealth technology allows us to perform an examination and provide healthcare on a secured connection.


No waiting rooms, no chance of catching someone else’s sickness in the lobby, no COVID exposure, just high-quality care for you and your family when you need it.


Our goal is to keep you and your family healthy. Everything else is secondary which is why our plans and services are affordable.

Home Visits and Concierge Care

We treat you in the comfort of your home, office, or other location. Our concierge-based healthcare model puts you first, gives you more time with your provider, and offers enhanced care.

Quick, Fast, in-a-hurry

Same or next day appointments. We are your medical provider in the family and you can lean on us when you need to.


Our providers promise to show you grace and a high-level of care that we would expect for any member of our own family.